About the Bezev Studio

We create exclusive web sites and online stores with love to work and attention to every detail.

Yes, we do not participate in the urgent projects. The Bezev Studio is always ready to non-standard tasks and interesting ideas. Moreover, we guarantee the highest quality of the project implementation in compliance with the terms, data security and skilled online technical support from our experts.

You get a striking result, trustworthy executants and responsive assistant.

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The Bezev Studio unites talented and gifted people!

To gain the best result, our team consists of highly professionals: art director, designers, programmers, marketers, (SEO) copywriters, translators, photographers and retouchers. Therefore, in the process of cooperation with our company, you will find a team that will try to provide you with the entire variety of services. You save your time and always know the responsible party for the work progress.

A bit of history, how it all began:

Once upon a time, in 2001, Eugene Bezzubtsev [founder of the studio] only practiced creation of sites as a passion. He dedicated all the time to its studying and polishing and took up many non-profit projects. Ultimately, the first positive results and orders arranged due to his revealed abilities and hard working. It is pleasure to know, his first professional site was made for the Rehabilitation Wellness Center in 2002.

This was the starting point when it was decided to continue to work and increase in this direction. After, Eugene worked as a recommended private professional for several years.

In 2008, Eugene dynamically engaged in creating web sites, programming and design on a permanent basis. Since then he has been introducing the new international refinements and proceeding to create online stores that has attracted new clients mainly from Russia and Ukraine. Therefore, even then it becomes the necessity in collaboration for implementation of the complex projects.



However, he became a freelancer in 2010 working independently for a long time, increasing his professionalism, experience and decent business reputation. You can read the reviews earned over many n a separate page. Read more: Reviews of Bezev Studio

In 2012, it was decided to organize the Bezev Studio in collaboration with talented professionals and work as a team.

Warsaw has become the main headquarters of our company. The capital of Poland symbolizes the European approach to each project and the fundamentals principles of cooperation with companies from different regions. This preference emphasizes the tendency of Bezev studio improvement. Our customers value the latest technology, highest level of modern functional design, informational security, and the prospects for the realization of the projects in several languages.

For the years 2012-2014, the Bezev Studio has rapidly developed. Now, in 2018, we continue to work and grow ambitiously.


Bezev clients map

At the beginning of 2018, the Bezev Studio works with clients from 12 countries.


Our main goal is the most effective representation of your company through the web site, the implementation of your conception, the selection of new bright ideas and realization of best functional. That is why we are creating the most targeted sites, stylish, safe and convenient to operate.


Five reasons why you need a new website as soon as possible:

  1. Attraction of new customers and generate interested clients,
  2. Prestige of your company,
  3. Expansion of the market and opportunities,
  4. Comfort of the work through the Internet,
  5. Constant feedback.


Write to us about your project! info@bezev.com

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Terms and privacy policy

All data received from our clients are confidential, except the information to be published on the Internet at the direction of the customer.

We protect and do not use the information that is stored on a customers hosting, as well as files, source code, which we receive from the client through the mail.

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Activity limits

The Bezev Studio does not cooperate with organizations in the field of erotica and pornography, in the industry of sweatshops entertainment (casinos, slot machines, betting) and online trading (Forex and similar pseudo-derivations).

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